The composer and the work

The composer

Giuseppe Sbernini is an Italian composer and conductor whose music remains always very figurative. Its expressive panorama ranges from symphonic music to the freedom of Jazz and Bossanova, through film music...

The composition reflect the true expressive and emotional nature of this musician. Each note leads to the creation of elements that make up the structure and style of the composition, which can take classical but also non classical forms, that is to say free.

He studied composition and direction orchestra at the Arrigo Boito Conservatory of Music in Parma (Italy). His teachers were Bruno Mussini for instrumentation and orchestral composition and Stefano Rabaglia for the study of the conductor.

He took advanced courses in conducting in Assisi (Ottorino Respighi Academy of Music) and choir conducting at Riva del Garda under the direction of maestro Peter Eidenbenz.



During a trip through Morocco, from the plain to the mountains, a group of young Moroccans will experience a breathtaking adventure in which everyone can express their dreams.

The scenes follow one another to reveal to the public the dreams and aspirations of colourful characters.

Japouni, the restless and fussy young guitarist, the mysterious water bearer full of poetry and wisdom, Sara, the young singer who dreams only of new horizons and songs, Karim the ambitious manager...

The party and the dance accompany this merry troupe in its walk through the symbols, the evocations and the memories of the past, but also through the sources of this water so precious for Morocco.

Guided by the wise and benevolent water bearer, they will go to a mountain spring. Some will give up on the way, but SarĂ  and Japouni will pursue their dreams of a musical career, accompanied by Karim who will find his true reason to live, even the young Kenza symbol of this Morocco full of strength and talents will find its way.