About the dreams of Tangier

This musical in which dialogues alternate with orchestral music, songs and dances revolves around 7 paintings. The scenes follow one another with brilliance and emotion to reveal to the public the dreams and aspirations of colorful characters.

Japouni, the worried and fussy young guitarist, the water bearer full of poetry and wisdom, Sara, the young singer who dream only about new horizons and songs....

Sometimes with passion, sometimes with tenderness, each of the characters reveals a part of his dream during a journey that will guide them with joy and emotion towards their destinies. All of Morocco lives in this musical: symbols, colors and deep joy of the Moroccan youth who is looking between tradition and modernism.

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The Casting

It will take place from September 2023, all young Moroccans who wish will be heard. To participate, send to production your application, only by email with a recent photo, a short biography and a recording of a Bel canto tune or a classic tune from three months ago.

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